The family represents the key foundational element of Western civilization. It is under attack – financially, culturally, politically, spiritually and demographically. Our educational system is rapidly unmooring young people from our collective history through philosophical, historical, and logical impoverishment. Harbingers of crises multiply, some imminent, others more remote.

Only a fool ignores approaching threats and just hopes for the best. My concept of Life Continuity speaks to the wise, who appreciate that history does have a habit of repeating itself, and that cultural deviations can swell over time to impact nation states, influencing their behavior. It is critical for families to address cultural decline, to think generationally, and to plan purposefully, so that loved ones and their off-spring can mitigate today's risks of living in densely-populated metro areas, particularly the risks associated with interruptions, large or small, of our fragile supply chains, whether by man-made or natural events.